Atlanta Sports Council

Atlanta Sports Council  Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Sports Council
Atlanta, GA

Sports Council

Components: Strategic Funding Plan

SAG prepared a strategic funding plan for the Atlanta Sports Council, the organization that promotes the value of sports growth in Atlanta and Georgia. To support its mission to drive major sports events and sport business to Atlanta, the funding plan analyzed the historical events and their impact on the broad community. It also educated board members on the universe of events that Atlanta could realistically pursue over the coming years. Given Atlanta’s substantial ability to host such events, these potential events included some of the most sought-after major events in the world, such as mega events (Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, All-Star games, etc.), Olympic/amateur events, college events, as well as events created by the ASC. The plan calculated the potential benefits from these events and laid out the funding required to market to and win a share of these events.

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