Avondale, Arizona Community Rebranding

Avondale Community Video

The SAG team was tasked to rebrand Avondale, Arizona. When you are a suburb of one of the largest cities in the country how do you stand out? How do you tell your residents that this place is a great place to live and work? How do you attract businesses to notice you as an opportunity? You create a brand that accurately represents those thoughts and feelings for residents, business owners, parents, kids and visitors alike to take pride and interest in. That’s exactly what SAG set out to do and accomplished in Avondale.

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SAG started with community outreach and meeting with all of the City departments and stakeholders, which propelled the community to get involved in the research. SAG personally spoke to over 150 members of the community and reached 30,000 plus residents, regional businesses and past visitors through quantitative surveys and focus groups. The surveys included new technology to make responding simple and efficient for respondents. The surveys also went out on social media and included online widget as well as traditional media. The responses to the Avondale survey gave unprecedented insight into how residents and the surrounding community felt about the city.

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SAG has created a full-scale marketing and communications plan around the new brand and ways to deploy it through the community. Avondale is a diverse city with a comfortable family atmosphere, thriving business and opportunities for continued growth.  All of these things are important to communicate on behalf of the City. Showing the surrounding region that Avondale is an attractive place for your home, your business and your overall wellbeing.  The brand has become the key tool in unifying the residents, driving new business and continuing growth in economic development in Avondale.  From technology and industrial companies to city departments and community groups the new brand will be something each industry and company can use to tell their story.

The marketing plan SAG created targeted private partnerships and looked to corporate companies with aligned values as immediate partners in the brand launch.  SAG created tiers for partnerships and communications outreach including schools and private community influencers that will promote the brand further.  SAG has crafted a brand story to follow up the new image that will highlight the values of the community in deployment through the marketing plan.

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