Brighthouse Networks Stadium Orlando, Florida

In 2006, SAG Principal, David Abrams, while at a previous firm, served as lead banker to the University of Central Florida and the Golden Knights Corporation in the financing of a new collegiate football stadium. The UCF Golden Knights used the proceeds of this $64.5 million financing to fund the construction of a 45,000 seat football stadium located on the campus of the University. The stadium will include approximately 800 club seats and 25 luxury suites with the stadium having the shape of a closed-in bowl. The Stadium will be the home field of the University’s intercollegiate football team. It is anticipated that the University will host six football games annually as well as a wide range of other events.

Mr. Abrams assisted in the preparation of the funding analysis and revenue forecasts as well as helped devise the tax analysis, which allowed for a significant amount of the funding to be supported with the issuance of tax-exempt debt.

The 45,000 seat stadium was completed in 2007.

 Project Components: New collegiate football stadium with 45,000 seats

Project Value: $64.5 million