Centennial Olympic Park Area Redevelopment

Downtown Redevelopment

Components: Residential, Hotel, Aquarium, Museum, Retail, Parking

SAG team members assisted with creating and implementing the strategy for developing Centennial Olympic Park to be used during the Olympics as a gathering place, and as a state park after the Olympics. We worked with the State on the due diligence efforts that entailed the coordination of appraisal teams, environmental teams, finance specialists, and cost estimators, and was responsible for preparing the briefing to get the project approved by the Governor and State.

Once the park was approved, we coordinated the redevelopment of the 100 acres surrounding Centennial Olympic Park through a public-private partnership for Central Atlanta Progress, the City of Atlanta and the business community. The 18-month initiative included hosting an Urban Land Institute panel, coordinating the architecture master planning team, fund raising, assembling landowners, soliciting developers, working with financial institutions, and establishing an ongoing organization to see the project through to completion. Ten years later, the area is now home to an Embassy Suites hotel, new Phillips Arena, residential condominiums, World of Coca-Cola museum, and the new Georgia Aquarium, “the world’s largest salt water aquarium.”