Downtown Orlando Performing Arts Center Area Redevelopment

Downtown Orlando PAC Area Redevelopment  Orlando, FL

Downtown Orlando PAC Area Redevelopment
Orlando, FL

SAG managed the pre-development stage of the redevelopment of a nine acre site in downtown Orlando. The final project will include a 200-room hotel, two 400,000 sf office buildings, 500 residential condominium units, and a performing arts center.

SAG helped the District program the site, hire the consulting team, identify a developer for each component, negotiate contracts, create a public-private finance and operating plan, liaise with the Board, City and County, and service as the District’s representative an all aspects of the $800 million development.

The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center opened in 2014.  SAG is currently assisting with the proposed parking garage.

Project Components: Residential, Hotel, Office, Performing Arts Center, Parking
Project Value: $800 million