Hawai’i Tourism Authority

meethawaiiCreation of the “Meet Hawaii” Brand, Ground Breaking Research, and a New Strategic Direction

SAG recently completed an in-depth analysis of the group sales and marketing efforts for the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA).  SAG made recommendations in all aspects of improving functionality, efficiency, and overall results.  This included conducting research to determine market prioritization as well as new sales deployment and planning processes.  The recommendations were accepted by HTA as well as the Convention Center and Visitors and Convention Bureau.  SAG has been retained to implement the recommendations and recently launched a new structure and initiative that is branded “Meet Hawaii”.  SAG has completed innovative market research and a comprehensive redeployment of the sales and marketing efforts.

SAG has created new practices in the following areas:

  1. Research
  2. Market Prioritization and New Deployment
  3. Singular Public Relations Approach
  4. Singular Advertising Plan
  5. Unified Group Database
  6. Singular CRM Platform
  7. Singular Web Presence
  8. Common Metrics
  9. New Goal Setting Process
  10. New Holistic Incentive Plan
  11. Centralized Monthly Reporting
  12. Singular Annual Marketing Plan
  13. Seamless Booking Process
  14. Institution of Joint Pace Report
  15. Creation of a Holistic Sales and Marketing Budget
  16. New Stakeholder Communication Plan
  17. Creation of a New Organizational Structure
  18. Creating a Unified Brand


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