Kalahari Resort

The Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio is the largest indoor/outdoor waterpark in the United States.  The resort opened in 2005, and despite expanding its facility in 2006 and again in 2007, the facility’s high occupancy continued through the recessionary period that began in 2008.  Moreover, the lost business due to a lack of adequate exhibition and sporting space was keeping the facility from generating even more economic benefits, both for itself as well as the for the Sandusky area.  However, given the state of the current credit markets, Kalahari needed access to reasonably priced capital to complete the planned expansion needed to penetrate that latent market.  Therefore, Kalahari engaged SAG to help quantify the economic benefits that would inure to the public sector for such a project, including the City of Sandusky, Huron Township, Erie County, and the State of Ohio.  SAG also produced the communication tool that could be used to garner public support.  The State is currently considering Kalahari’s proposal.

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