Renaissance Square Performing Arts Center

Renaissance Square Performing Arts Center  Rochester, NY

Renaissance Square Performing Arts Center
Rochester, NY

Performing Arts Center

Components: 2,800-seat Performing Arts Center
Project Value: $83 millionĀ 

SAG prepared a feasibility study for the development of a 2,800 seat amplified performing arts center in Rochester, NY. The PAC was part of a mixed-use development that also included a transit center and community college. SAG’s role was to study the feasibility of the PAC from a market and financial perspective and prepare a comprehensive Business Plan and Economic Impact Analysis. The scope included gathering comparable performing arts center utilization and financial data, projecting utilization and attendance, developing a staffing plan, projecting operating revenues and expenses, assessing non-operating revenues, philanthropy, and planning for reserves for replacements. SAG also assessed the economic impact generated by the construction and operation of the project in terms of direct and induced spending, jobs, earnings, and tax generation.