SAG Project Bahia Urbana Surpasses 100 Events in 2014

Bahia Urbana open pic 3SAG’s assisted the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, working in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, and the Puerto Rico Convention Center District Authority regarding the public and private development of the San Juan Waterfront area now known as “Bahia Urbana.” The venue is open and attracting over 100 events and over 250,000 attendees.

“This is a unique venue in the San Juan Bay area, a privileged location that welcomes visitors and tourists throughout the week,” Isona said. “But we are also blessed with the support of our people. Puerto Ricans Rican have turned Bahia Urbana into a successful space where they can enjoy variety of events that run the gamut from concerts, movie nights and sports parties to culinary festivals, salsa dancing nights and jazz sunsets.”  – Linnette Isona, Bahia Urbana General Manager.


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