What We Do

The SAG team┬áprovides a wide range of strategic and real estate advisory services benefiting private, public, quasi-public or non-profit clients. Whether strategic planning at the highest level, assessing project feasibility, providing due diligence, or creating workable financing options, SAG services deliver objective, in-depth solutions to complex challenges. SAG prides itself in listening to the needs of clients in structuring solutions to meet those needs as well as the demands of the market. Ultimately, SAG’s strong reputation in the industry was achieved and is maintained by helping clients achieve goals. Our company philosophy is to allow experience and in-depth analysis to lead clients to implementable solutions.

The SAG team has advised on over 250 projects worldwide in over 160 cities and communities on projects totaling over $31 billion. We have advised on:

  • Commercial and mixed-use projects representing nearly $11 billion in value and 30 million square feet
  • Hotels totaling 37,300 rooms and representing nearly $8 billion in value
  • 82 convention facilities representing over 15 million square feet of function space
  • 28 ballparks, stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters and civic centers, including those for MLB, NFL, NBA and MLS
  • Bond financing due diligence representing over $1 billion in bond proceeds