Community Strategy & Revitalization

Although we work on many individual project types, fundamentally and at the core of what we do on every project, SAG helps clients create and improve their sense of place. How do communities, both large and small, revitalize and/or animate their downtown core, their merchants, their streets, and their public spaces? How can a community, given limited resources, effectuate real change within?

SAG assists clients resolve these questions and many others through a collaborative and interactive process. Our experience continues to prove that every community is truly unique and must be approached as such. Therefore, the processes and methodologies used to create the strategy aimed to achieve client goals are dynamic in nature. However, each project always begins by gaining a thorough understanding of a community’s situation, its strengths and opportunities, and its challenges. It is during this initial step that that SAG tackles the critical element of understanding the community’s people, both the residential base and those in positions of leadership. No recommendation or strategy or future vision has much chance to be effective unless they consider the motivations of the stakeholders who will be most affected by them. Moreover, it is the involvement of these very stakeholders that is almost always directly or indirectly required to realize success of improving place.