Public-Private Partnerships

SAG enables real estate projects to become feasible through the use of creative public-private partnerships. We assist both private developers and public sector clients with navigating through the technical and political challenges of combining the resources of the private and public sectors to create viable projects. Our partnerships have created viable mixed-use projects, convention hotels, sports facilities, conference centers, retail centers and other project types.

For our public clients, SAG’s role spans from overall transaction management to understating the warranted private sector investment, creating politically viable public finance support tools, identifying potential private partners, negotiating the partnership, executing public responsibilities/transactions, monitoring private partner progress, obtaining public approvals, and communicating the project’s costs and benefits (economic impact, jobs, taxes, etc.) to decision makers.

For our private clients, SAG helps developers understand how they can make their project viable through public support tools, respond to RFP’s for public-led economic development projects, navigate the public process, negotiate with the public sector, execute the public incentive process, and help communicate the benefits of a project (economic impact, jobs, taxes, etc.).