Shreveport Arena

Strategic Advisory Group professionals performed a feasibility study that considered both a new arena and renovation of Shreveport’s existing 10,000-seat Hirsch Coliseum.  The scope of services included: meetings with key community groups and leaders, public hearings to expose the community’s ideas and concerns; assessment of industry trends, community attributes and area facilities and the impact a new facility might have; assessment of competitive facilities; survey of event promoters; and determination of market support by event type.  SAG used the analysis to generate project recommendations; renovation and construction cost estimate; and an action plan consistent with the recommendations. Upon conclusion of the study, however, neighboring Bossier City announced its intentions to build its own new arena.  Although some consideration was given to moving forward with renovating the Hirsch Coliseum as a second spectator facility, the benefits did not appear to outweigh the costs.

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