Swedesboro Embraces SAG’s CBD Revitalization Plan

Swedesboro Opportunity Site

Swedesboro, New Jersey Opportunity Site

SWEDESBORO – Rejuvenating Swedesboro’s Central Business District (CBD) has long been a topic of discussion in the Borough. A public meeting addressing the potential of the CBD was hosted at Tavro 13 on Kings Highway on Wednesday, October 9th business owners, and Borough Council and Committee members packed the lounge for this special presentation by Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).

SAG was retained to provide research, analytical assessments, and strategic planning services to the Borough of Swedesboro, funded through a grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. SAG’s core tasks included assessments of the following key components: potential development opportunities for the Borough-owned land between Cheega Funeral Home and Tavro 13; recommendations for responsible recruiting to fill business vacancies; strategies for marketing the Borough as a destination; and an analysis for transportation improvements.

“This presentation outlines ways Swedesboro can consider making its downtown a more vibrant place, and play a more prominent role in the life of its residents,” explained Tony Peterman, SAG Senior Partner. “It has been a pleasure working with the people of Swedesboro and its Economic Development Committee. We’re excited to share our recommendations.”

SAG’s presentation included a market study, recommendations for the types of businesses that would best suit the CBD, an analysis of several ‘cool towns’ in America to serve as a source of inspiration, the importance of green-spaces and gathering areas in the downtown, as well as suggestions for property acquisitions that may entice developers to consider the downtown area.

“Our EDC (Economic Development Committee) selected a great consultant for this project in Strategic Advisory Group. The detailed data they collected for their presentation at the public meeting was the key to a very enthusiastic response to the conceptual plan to define our downtown business district for decades to come,” Mayor Tom Fromm said. Following an announcement to the crowd of the Borough’s plans to purchase the IntraPac property on Ashton and Second Street, Mayor Fromm noted, “It was very exciting to see a standing room only crowd for the meeting, and more importantly to hear the overwhelming show of support for the proposed plan for the Borough owned lot and soon to be Borough owned IntraPac property. ”

“I think the message from the crowd and from Borough Council when they unanimously authorized me to sign a purchase agreement for the IntraPac property is a resounding ‘We Believe in Swedesboro’.” Mayor Fromm continued, “I believe we can make this project a reality, and with the support of Council, our residents, and the business community, we will.”

“Over the past nine years, our Committee has worked tirelessly to develop a marketing strategy for the CBD,” said Diane Hale, Chair of the Borough’s EDC. “We are eager to present SAG’s concepts and ideas for improving our downtown, but are mindful that further discussion within and among the community will be necessary before any final decisions are made and action is taken.”

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